Ged Palmer


Ged Palmer is a British designer who specialises in custom lettering. His fascination with letterforms began in his early years while painting graffiti and today Ged creates custom lettering and design for discerning clients, armed with an extremely sharp pencil and whatever else he can get his hands on. “The great thing about lettering and sign painting is there is so much history, so many styles and techniques that you can never really learn it all.”

With over twelve years experience of working with letterforms Ged offers branding, typography, calligraphy, lettering & sign painting to partners in the UK and abroad. His work has been recognised by the International Society of Typographic Designers, the Type Directors Club and various publications worldwide.

Awards: ISTD Awards 2014 (Judge), Type Directors Club 2013, Fresh Digital Awards 2012, International Society of Typographic Designers 2010, British Book Design Production Awards 2010, Member of the Pre-Vinylite Society, Member of The Art Workers’ Guild

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