Pawel Nolbert


Pawel is a Warsaw-based artist, illustrator, designer & photographer. During the past decade Pawel has created stunning work, design and art for brands like Google, Apple, Nike, Sony, Polaroid, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Johnnie Walker, Squarespace, Disney and many more. He has been the creative force behind international projects both big and small, producing key artwork for clients ranging in disciplines from interactive design, advertising, animation, branding, painterly lettering. Pawel’s work has been featured in a number of printed and digital publications, such as Taschen “Illustration Now 3” book, Springer “Digital Da Vinci” book, Saatchi Gallery, Collossal, Computer Arts Magazine, Advanced Photoshop Magazine,  Juxtapoz, Hypebeast, IdN Magazine, Beautiful Decay, Adweek Talent 100 (2012) and more.

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