Founded in 2012 and based in Paris, Arro Studio is a creative, multi disciplinary design structure. A product of Erik Arlen and Ludo Roth’s mixed inspiration, Arro sees design in a global way and works on a large variety of design projects: furniture, products, interior design, footwear, set design, art direction.


An approach to aesthetic as an ongoing process/ movement. Coming from a multi-tasking generation, the two designers feed off and confront each-others ideas, making them more accurate and developing a shared creativity. After experiences with Toyota in Japan and Puma in Germany, Erik moved to Portland, Oregon, where he worked for five years as a footwear designer for Nike’s women’s, tennis and action sports categories. Ludo, on the other hand has always been a freelance designer, alternating personal projects and agency collaborations. He was notably project manager with Fabrice Berrux and Mathieu Lehanneur.


A free approach, from modern technical process to traditional know how, from technological transfers to the use of raw materials. Arro takes great pride in their responsible mindset on the objects, which surround us.