Chuck Anderson

Chuck Anderson is an artist, designer, illustrator, art director and photographer. his works have reached an international audience though global clients, collaborations and speaking engagements. With his finger firmly on the pulse of youth culture, the design community and music, Chuck’s designs have appeared in advertising, online and on product such as shoes apparel and furniture.


Still only 28 years old, Chuck began his professional career as a wunderkind at 18, by founding an original, versatile style based on inner-illumination of his subject matter.


Chuck’s work is known for being bright, whimsical and full of energy and wonder. Through his passion for working with light and color, he brings extraordinary vision and imagination to each project he works on, whether it’s rooted in hand-drawn illustration, photography, collage or special-effects style digital design.


Chuck is also a co-founder and contributor to the seminal lifestyle blog, The Brilliance. Originally from Chicago IL, Chuck currently resides in Grand Rapids MI.

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