Elise Swopes

Elise Swopes is an artist specializing in photography, influencer marketing and graphic design. She truly believes art, travel and imagination can change lives for the better, so she creates to inspire others to pursue their dreams. You may find yourself swirling through city streets on magical clouds, exploring with an arbitrary giraffe, and feeling quite at peace despite the enigmatic energy while enjoying her art.


Reality is high strung enough, seeing something that’s positive and brand new incites intrigue and wonderment between peers. You won’t be able to stop scrolling and wondering how it’s all done. Now with over a quarter million followers on Instagram, and a lengthy resume of creative projects + experiences, you will find Elise partnering with some of the biggest brands in the world, including: Bud Light, Google, Adobe, Kellogg’s, NBC, Adidas, Nike, Finish Line, Effen, Lenovo, and more.