Script & Seal

Script & Seal is a design studio, led by Gavin Potenza & Liz Meyer. They are a small but intensely hard working studio, that take pride in bringing out the fun in the things they make. Officially, Gavin & Liz opened the S&S doors for business in January 2014 after leading successful solo freelance practices. Being a creative couple, it seemed natural that the next step would be to combine forces, working together to create the most exciting and innovative work possible.


Whether Script & Seal are playing with shapes, or data-filled spreadsheets (which they then translate into shapes!), they’re always looking to stretch minds—theirs and an audience’s. Gavin & Liz believe in making complicated things simple and accessible, without having to dumb them down.
Often working a lot in the fields that need the most transparency—medical, science, technology, journalism—to help clarify and break down barriers, making bewildering research interesting and digestible.The stuff they’re good at!!! *includes but is not limited to: Illustration, Creative & Art Direction, Data Viz & Information Design, Animation & Motion Graphics, and hands on industry experience with work in Medical & Pharmaceutical, Advertising, Web / App / Product, and Social Media.