Branding System Design

Welcome! Satellite Office is a branding firm focused on amplifying beautiful truths into coveted brands. We design strategic, auteur-centric brand systems for hospitality, spirits, fashion & beauty, and technology companies.

We build brand equity through strategic branding rooted in your beautiful truth.

At the heart of a loved brand, at the core of a mesmerizing campaign, is a truth usually unexpected, often peculiar, but always charming that speaks authentically and resonates powerfully. Let’s find your beautiful truth.

We provide design services for:
Hotel & Restaurants | Spirits & Beverage | Tech | Sports

The Method:
From Empathic Strategy to Resonant Reality

Our branding process starts with intense listening, empathy and analysis. We synthesize key drivers into a singular inspired narrative that is both keenly personal and culturally resonant. Rooted in strategic narrative, we design a richly layered visual identity system that reveals depths of meaning and ongoing delight as customers venture through the brand journey.

Identity systems are comprised of a broad array of graphical, typographic and narrative assets for use: in hotels & restaurants, on products & packaging, in campaigns, websites, social media, signage & way-finding, branded films, and more. Branding systems are encapsulated in Style Guides that    define how the brand system is used in situ across                 the customer journey.


Villa Beluno Hotel, Hotel Anvil, Miele, Vineyard Vines, Case-Mate, Star Union Spirits, Tom’s Town Distillery, Mulholland Distilling, Zain Wireless, Palmer Canning Systems, Al Sirahan Shoes, Kitco, M’Essentiel, and Mulberry Black.