Social Content Studio

Satellite Office’s Content Studio helps marshall your brand army through magnetic social media. We are your Satellite Content Studio driving engagement via: quality influencers, high­-craft content, and authentic creative for social media and live events.

I’ve never seen that!

We use surprise, slight of hand and digital prestidigitation to appeal to your community IDL.  Papercraft, food art, Illustration, animation, collage, 3D typography, and photography are a few of the tools behind our social spells.

We partner with agencies & clients to:

  • Design digital campaigns for online & mobile
  • Deliver ongoing content streams to fill clients’ voracious social channels
  • Broker influencers engagements to deliver high-touch branded experiences through authentic voices.


Target, Wells Fargo, Google, Adobe, Budweiser, Jameson, JBL, Planters Peanuts, Walmart and more.