Satellite worked with Case-Mate to reposition the brand as a design forward, mobile fashion company. We developed an integrated branding system that touched advertising, interactive, product and experience design.


Working with veteran brand developer Ayo Seligman, we produced a modern abstracted yet rational identity mark and visual language for global mobile accessory maker, Case-Mate. The graphic mark is elegant in its reductionism while being magnetic as viewers engage the mark to ‘fill in the gaps’.


Case-Mate desired to present itself as a design forward, mobile fashion company. The ads evoked this idea. Creative Direction – Ayo Seligman; Photography – Yen Phan; CMO – Erik Attkisson.


Working with Mekanism, San Fransisco, and Director Michael Langan, we oversaw the production of three short films for Case-Mate. The films illustrated the brand’s fun, and quirky creative sensibilites. Additional in-house films were produced promoting specific product launches. Concepting & Directing – Case-Mate production team including: Erik Kridle, Matt Shackleford, Ian McAllister and many others from the great Case-Mate Marketing team.


“I Make My Case” was a pioneering case customization site launched by Case-Mate to tap into the growing personalization market. I Make My Case put the power of design in the hands of users. The app delivered “can’t fail” design tools the enabled highly personalized case designs leveraging the art of a diverse set of notable graphic designers. I Make My Case was creative directed and produced by Erik Attkisson; Interactive design – Chuck Anderson, Eddie Tofslie; site development – Proto. I Make My Case launched the custom phone case revolution and earned Satellite Office a Webby Award and a CES Innovation Award.

Product & Packaging

Turner Duckworth created the “Hug” packaging concept for Case-Mate, a playful and whimsical case packaging system. The “Desktop Flower Pot” packaging was conceived by Erik Attkisson as a packaging reusability solution; instead of throwing out heavy plastic packaging, it became a flower pot as seeds and a dirt puck were included! The masterful Matt Moore designed the seed packages included.


  • Case-Mate


  • Satellite Office


  • CMO: Erik Attkisson
  • Brand Design: Ayo Seligman
  • Case-Mate Studio - Garrett Simmer, Garrett LaBrie, Vera Zeigler, Ian McAllister, Jeremy Jones, Tripp Johnston, Yen Phan
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