Valentine's Day Off

Love is worth a holiday.

In collaboration with Tool of North America, we created a social petition to the White House with the goal of officially make Valentine’s Day a national, non-working holiday. The beating heart of the Valentine’s Day Off campaign is the quirky, fun-loving 60 second film directed by Lobulo Studio and Sebastián Baptista.

Complete with a papercraft cake, flower bouquet, wooden turntable, and a cheeky cat paw sharing internet amoré – this unique video concept was a labor of love by all involved. The campaign included the development of a beautiful micro-site to host the film and encourage visitors to sign the petition using a fun “whipped cream” digital signature.

Project Tags


  • Tool of North America


  • DDB


  • Directors & Designers: Lobulo & Sebastian Baptista
  • Executive Producer: Adam Baskin
  • Digital Producer: Chris Kaliszewski
  • Project Management: Ryan Appleton

Project by Lobulo

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