Alsirhan Shoes

Alsirhan Shoes is one of the oldest and most trusted shoe stores in Kuwait. Unfortunately, this worked both for and against them. Their image was seen as outdated and primarily a male dominant brand.

Partnering with Beattie + Dane, Kevin Cantrell studio develop a refreshed look to channel their strong heritage and also appeal to a contemporary market with both male and female demographics taken into consideration. An English and Arabic logotype were created to appeal to an international audience. The diamond mark is a nod to an authentic seal of heritage as well as the top view of a shoe box.

A modular system was created with updating patterns that integrate around the diamond seal suggesting a nod to their past as well as a step ahead.

Alternative Concepts

Alternative concept directions of Alsirhan that were not chosen but are imperative to the branding process.

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  • Al Sirhan Shoes, Kuwait


  • Beatie & Dane


  • Design: Kevin Cantrell
  • Producer: Erik Attkisson

Project with Kevin Cantrell

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