Camberwell Cannabis

How do you brand a commodity like CBD? By realizing it’s not just about health benefits to oneself, but how being healthy enables us put our best foot forward so we can be Better Together.

Better Together

We share a zeal and a zest for life —experienced together. IRL. It is an attitude, a feeling that life is out there beckoning us to come reveal its treasures and secrets. In shared moments witnessed together we become truly alive.

But modern multitasking, technology and over commitments abound, eating at the roots of our friendships and loves. Sleeplessness, aches, fractured attention spans keep us from being our best selves.
We at Camberwell realize that being present & able, is the greatest gift we can give to others.

We help you put your best foot forward. The wellness properties of Camberwell CBD remove barriers to full engagement of life without stress, pain and sleeplessness. Phones, social media, bottomless binge watching and midnight work spent stewing over “just one more email” all connect us, but in the loneliest of ways.  a convenient escape from what we call the exquisite anguish of life.

And what a big, bad beautiful world it is calling us to see, touch, and experience with our best mates at hand. Alone, feels somewhat empty, selfish, but together, we witness and confirm: this is happening right now to you and I. In this shared awareness we are truly alive, for each other.
Life is an adventure best shared. It’s an attitude, a zeal & zest for life, living out loud in the here and now, IRL.


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