Replica Watches
Although Good quality Two hundred and fifteen clicks unseen at night limits of the windowless circumstance, Patek Philippe has given it the actual good finishing and replica watches ornamental thrives for this greatest Geneva the watchmaking industry: Geneva ocean, beveled and refined sides, refined screw brains, satin-finished indication wheel and also ratchet wheel, slick flanks around the gears’ tooth, plus a Gyromax equilibrium.This demonstrates refined bevelled aspects, Geneva beating and spherical graining around the primary denture.

Case-Mate Industrial Design

Various product and packaging design for Case-Mate.



Various Pop cases including: Pop I, Pop II, Pop ID.


Creatures "Hug"

Turner Duckworth created the “Hug” packaging concept for Case-Mate, a playful and whimsical case packaging system.


Desktop Flower Pot

The “Desktop Flower Pot” packaging was conceived by Erik Attkisson as a packaging reusability solution; instead of throwing out heavy plastic packaging, it became a flower pot as seeds and a dirt puck were included! The masterful Matt Moore designed the seed packages included.

"Rib Cage"


"I Make My Case"

Custom made-to-order phone cases


iPad Speakers & Stand


  • Case-Mate


  • Satellite Office


  • CMO: Erik Attkisson
  • Packaging: Turner Duckworth, Matt Moore
  • Industrial Design: Erik Arlen & Ludovic Roth, ARRO Studio; Irina Kozlovskaya, Vim & Vigor; Emily Sawamura & Anthony Hope, Ernst Everything.

Project with Satellite Office

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