HERE Technologies Employer Branding

Mobility company, HERE Technologies, sought to refresh their positioning and competitiveness in the
heated tech-talent marketplace. Satellite surveyed tech’s heavy hitters and honed HERE’s unique strength to identify a compelling employer value proposition and
visual brand language. 

Change is HERE

HERE is a bona fide inventor of some remarkable technology mapping the location of every object, thing and place on earth—a so called Reality Index enabling radical new business models and magical customer experiences. While “game changing” is over played in tech, HERE stands credible and tall making their case that: CHANGE IS HERE.  A double entendre projecting what the company is capable of bringing to the world and to the lives of their talent.

Core Competencies

Key Talent Messaging


  • HERE Technologies


  • Satellite Office


  • Brand Strategy: Jill Attkisson, Erik Attkisson
  • Design: Gavin Scothorn
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